Valkyrie Dev Blog #17 – Press Start

So what’s new with Valkyrie? This one’s kind of important: The game can now actually be, well, played! Up to this point, the game has simply loaded and run simfiles, but it never took any sort of user input. Now that’s been implemented in a preliminary form, and actually the kind of “quick and dirty” implementation that’s currently in the game works surprisingly well.

One issue I’ll have to work around is the case where there is an input that’s within the timing windows for more than one arrow. The game has to pick just one to count the input for, and it currently does not do this. I’ll probably test and study with StepMania to figure out how it works there. I do already have some ideas, though.

As for timing windows for scoring, currently I’ve got the same values as ITG, but they’ll probably be tweaked as I see fit. That’ll take some time and testing to refine, and it’s also kinda boring to talk about, so don’t expect to hear much about it.

That’s all for now, see ya next time!

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