Valkyrie Dev Blog #16 – Progress report

After a few delays, I’m finally able to post the dev blog I wanted to post two weeks ago. Basically just want to lay out what’s done so far: Basically every feature supported by DDR songs is supported in Valkyrie. Regular notes, Holds, BPM changes, and Stops. Newer DDR games add “Shock Arrows” which are pretty much equivalent to StepMania/ITG Mines, and ITG also added Rolls. Mines are 99% the same as regular notes, so they won’t be a problem to formally add support for, and Rolls are 99% the same as Holds, so again, it’s trivial to add them in.

After I add in those last few things, the next step is getting some user input coded in to allow players to actually hit the arrows and receive scoring on their inputs. But until then, here’s a video of StepMania alongside the current build of Valkyrie, showcasing the feature parity:

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