Valkyrie Dev Blog #12 – The Future

So far on this blog I’ve only talked a little bit about what Valkyrie is actually going to be as a complete game. Now that the game has some sort of core that’s starting to shape up into something, I think it’s time to reveal the details.

What is Valkyrie?
Valkyrie is a dance-style rhythm game that takes inspiration from gimmick charts the ITG community has been doing. Some examples: [1] [2]

How do the characters you’ve shown play into this?
Well, the idea is that you’ll be “battling” these characters, so to speak. They will unleash a variety of attacks on the field, but by enduring these attacks and performing well on the chart, you’ll deplete their energy and defeat them.

Is there a story?
Yes, but we’re not ready to reveal all of that information quite yet. Expect a story mode that will connect a bunch of stages together.

How many songs?
Right now the goal is to release the game with 60 stages, fully stepped with several difficulty levels, and each one having its own set of attack patterns you’ll have to contend with. Not all of these will be in the story mode.

Well, there’s the info dump for now. Still not revealing everything, but expect more in the future. Finally, I’ll drop this for you. A digital rendering of one of the characters in the game – Mika Daigashira! Click her for full size.

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