Valkyrie Dev Blog #10 – Meet The Cast (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Valkyrie dev blogs! Today I have some more character concepts to show off. Keep in mind we’re still fairly early in terms of character concepts, so everything is subject to change!

zinnia This is Zinnia Draugur. She’s unique in the cast in that she just so happens to be a ghost. But just because she’s dead doesn’t mean she won’t put up a good fight! Not giving away too much about her yet. You’ll have to play the game to find out the rest…

(Click image for full size)

josephineNext, meet Josephine de Bourgeois. She has an affinity for flowers and her passion is gardening. She tends to the gardens of the enemy force. But don’t think that means she’s a weak pushover. She helps the plants grow, and in return they help her fight!

(Click image for full size)

In other news, I recently ran a poll on my Twitter about whether or not I should reveal some of the songs in the soundtrack, and the results told me to reveal some but not all. So here, let’s have a taste of what’s to come: This is Josephine’s stage theme. Hope you’re looking forward to seeing this stage in action!

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