Valkyrie Dev Blog #7 – Meet The Cast (Part 1)

Getting this post out later than I would like today, but here it is. Things have been progressing nicely on the code side of things, but today I’d like to talk about another aspect of the game: The story and characters!

For a few weeks, the artist and I have been working hard to design a funny story with unique, quirky, memorable characters. Recently I received the first bit of concept art of some of the characters from him, and I’d like to share it with you today. I’m also revealing now that the artist is a talented friend of mine who goes by the name Ladida, who people on SMW Central should know. So let’s check out an early sketch!

This is Mika Daigashira. She is an enemy that you will encounter very early in the game. She serves as a sentry for the enemy forces, but at the start of the game she is entrusted with the retrieval of an important item. The problem? She’s a bit incompetent, although she’ll beg to differ. Her go-to plan when she gets into trouble is to try to seduce her enemies with her “womanly charms”, but who knows how effective that really is…

(click the image for full size)

This is Ame Reigei. She is an enemy encountered roughly halfway through the game. Her main job is to tend to the enemy force’s gardens on their ship. She does this by using her powers to control the weather, providing exactly the right amount of rain and sunlight to the plants to help them grow. She’s fairly calm, but don’t you dare mess with her plants or she might lose it! And trust me, you don’t want to fight her when she has the power of thunder and lightning on her side.

(click the image for full size)

So there you guys have it, the first look at some of the characters we have planned for the game. I’m excited to finally share this with you guys, and hopefully I’ll be able to show more soon, and maybe give out some details of the plot itself. Until next week!

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