Valkyrie Dev Blog #4 – Artist On Board

The past two weeks have lent themselves to some major developments in Valkyrie. The codebase didn’t see any major additions, but other aspects of the game are starting to be developed. This week’s dev blog is going to be about story.

Back when I first began work on Valkyrie, back in…May or June it must have been, I reached out to an internet friend I had known for a few years who I knew had a knack for artwork, both pixel art and hand drawings. I explained to him the concept of the game and asked him if he would be interested in working with me on it, with him doing the graphics for everything, to which he agreed. After that, we didn’t speak much of it for months – until about two weeks ago, that is.

Since 2009 I have made several attempts at getting back into game development, but none have taken off due to me abandoning the projects after just a month or two in most cases. As such, I didn’t want to get anyone else started working on content for this game until I knew it would be completed, and about two weeks ago I decided it was time.

I fired off an email laying out exactly what I’m asking from him (it’s a lot) and we began emailing back and forth various ideas, with real-time communication on things like IRC here and there as well. And a few days ago I finally set up a much more elegant solution – shared documents on Google Docs. We’ve spent the last few days working together on coming up with characters and story events, and it’s been exciting to log on and see a bunch of changes done by him, or even log in while he’s making changes. I finally have someone else who I feel is as into this game as I am, and it’s the greatest feeling.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for what the future holds. Starting this weekend I’m getting back into the code side of things, because it can’t be neglected of course. Arrow generation and scrolling is top priority, and then I can move onto the other aspects of the engine. Once I conquer that challenge, though, it will be a huge roadblock out of the way (as long as I don’t end up having to rewrite big portions of it later). And while I’m working on that, it’s just awesome to see the characters and story develop, and I can’t wait to see some actual design sketches of these characters we’ve created.

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