Valkyrie Dev Blog #3 – Let’s Talk Music

Another Friday means another dev blog! And I’m serious about trying to to do this every week, so I’m not missing a week like between posts 1 and 2. So, what has happened this week in terms of Valkyrie? Unfortunately, not much code-wise. I did a few more tests of my arrow scrolling system, including this, which I posted for Screenshot Saturday.

So that working is all well and good, but I’m still left with the rest of the arrow generation stuff, which will come in due time. It’s complicated, so I’m working on smaller components of it individually and then focusing on integrating them together later. I expect I can get it fully functional in probably a week or two, to be honest.

So let’s talk music. This is a rhythm game, so the music is kind of important. As an indie dev who is simply doing all of this in his free time, my funds are limited. Music licensing can be very expensive, especially when you get into royalties and all that. Luckily for me, a few months ago I found a wealth of music released under Creative Commons. This music is completely free to use, even in commercial products, as long as appropriate credit is given. This was fantastic news for me because it makes music affordable, and I’ve found some really great songs!

I have picked out several dozen songs that I would like to include in the game, and while I’m not ready to share the entire soundtrack, I’ll share with you one selection today. Here is a sample of the music that will be featured in the game. You may notice that the song is over 4 minutes long, which is…lengthy for this type of game, especially if one is to use a dance pad. Rest assured all songs will be edited for length so they’ll likely be around 2 minutes in length rather than 4 or 5 minutes.

One last thing I want to say about music: Even though the artists released under CC BY 3.0 and this enables us to use all of the music for free, I have an idea that would allow us to compensate the artists because I feel it’s the right thing to do when music plays such an integral role in the game. Finalizing this plan is still far off (closer to release date), but I would definitely like the artists to get both recognition and money for their excellent work.

So yeah, a bit of a “dev-light” dev blog this week, but there you go. See you next Friday!

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