Valkyrie Dev Blog #17 – Press Start

So what’s new with Valkyrie? This one’s kind of important: The game can now actually be, well, played! Up to this point, the game has simply loaded and run simfiles, but it never took any sort of user input. Now that’s been implemented in a preliminary form, and actually the kind of “quick and dirty” Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #16 – Progress report

After a few delays, I’m finally able to post the dev blog I wanted to post two weeks ago. Basically just want to lay out what’s done so far: Basically every feature supported by DDR songs is supported in Valkyrie. Regular notes, Holds, BPM changes, and Stops. Newer DDR games add “Shock Arrows” which are Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #15 – Hold it!

Welcome back to the dev bog! Let’s wrap up September, shall we? Last week I added color differentiation for the different note values, and this week we’ve got another new feature: Holds! You know, these things over on the right. So these are pretty easy to detect in the simfile. Instead of a 1 in Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #14 – Colors

We’re back again with more progress! A lot of work has still been mostly behind-the-scenes, cleaning and adding some more rigorous validation for simfiles before everything gets passed on to the song controller. However, one new feature I finally added is note coloring. Anyone who’s played similar games knows that there are different types of Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #13 – Framework

Warning: No pretty pictures or anything in this post So nothing has happened on the front-end since post #11 but a lot has been happening behind the scenes. I’ve never worked on a game of this scale before, but I recognize the value in having a well-organized system for how things are processed in the Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #12 – The Future

So far on this blog I’ve only talked a little bit about what Valkyrie is actually going to be as a complete game. Now that the game has some sort of core that’s starting to shape up into something, I think it’s time to reveal the details. What is Valkyrie? Valkyrie is a dance-style rhythm Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #11 – It Works!

Wow, it’s been a good…5 months since the last dev blog. A lot has happened with me since then, so let’s talk about what’s been going on. First of all, in my personal life, a lot of things changed. I’ve been busy doing lots of programming at work lately, and I’ve just been busier in Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #10 – Meet The Cast (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Valkyrie dev blogs! Today I have some more character concepts to show off. Keep in mind we’re still fairly early in terms of character concepts, so everything is subject to change! This is Zinnia Draugur. She’s unique in the cast in that she just so happens to be a ghost. But Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #9 – Stop! Arrow Time

Last week I talked about how I was going to be rewriting arrow scrolling yet again, and I’m glad to say it’s been done. Here is a video showcasing the new scrolling (with a stop!) For those interested, here’s how it works now: When the simfile is loaded up, I grab all of the BPMs Read More

Valkyrie Dev Blog #8 – Not Dead

Well, it’s been a little while, hasn’t it? Truth be told, I’ve never been the best at sticking to a schedule. December got a little busy with holidays, I was at AGDQ for the first week and a bit of January, and February the laziness simply took hold of me. But it’s a new month, Read More